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Año Referencia Revista
2017 Wind farm layout optimization using a Gaussian-based wake model. Leandro Parada, Carlos Herrera, Paulo Flores, Victor Paradac.
Renewable Energy 107 (2017) 531-541
Renewable Energy (ISI)
2017 Multiscale characterization of nano-engineered fiber-reinforced composites: Effect of carbon nanotubes on the out-of-plane mechanical behavior. Carlos Medina, Eduardo Fernández, Alexis Salas, Fernando Naya, Jon Molina, Manuel F Meléndrez, and Paulo Flores.
Journal of Nanomaterials, 2017 (2017), 1-9
Journal of Nanomaterials (ISI)
2017 Estimation of the surface interaction mechanism of ZnO nanoparticles modified with organosilane groups by Raman Spectroscopy.. A. Jaramillo, R. Baez-Cruza, L. Montoya, C. Medina, E. Pérez-Tijerina, F. Salazar, D. Rojas, M. Melendrez.
Ceramics international 43 (2017) 11838-11847.
2017 Synthesis of Copper Nanowires and Their Antimicrobial Activity on Strains Isolated Persistent Endodontic Infections.. G. Sánchez-Sanhueza, S. Rebolledo, J. López, M. Encalada, H. Bello-Toledo, D. Rojas, C. Medina, M. F. Melendrez..
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, IN PRESS.
2016 A new synthesis route of ZnO nanonails via microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition. M.F. Meléndreza, F.Solis-Pomar, C.D.Gutierrez-Lazos, P.Flores, A.F.Jaramillo, A.Fundora, E. Pérez-Tijerina.
Ceramics International, 2016
Ceramics International (ISI)
2016 Evaluation of the fill yarns effect on the out-of-plane compressive fatigue behavior for an unidirectional glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite. Víctor San Juan, Eduardo Fernández, Gonzalo Pincheira, Manuel Meléndrez, Paulo Flores.
Composite Structures, Volume 138, 2016, pp. 237-242
Composite Structures (ISI)
2015 Comparison of push-in and push-out tests for measuring interfacial shear strength in nano-reinforced composite materials. Carlos Medina , Jon M Molina-Aldareguía, Carlos González, Manuel F Meléndrez, Paulo Flores, Javier LLorca.
Journal of Composites Materials, 2015, in press
Journal of Composites Materials (ISI)
2015 Phase Transformations and Crack Initiation in a High-Chromium Cast Steel Under Hot Compression Tests. Ingrid Neira Torres, Paulo Flores, Anne Marie Habraken, Jacqueline Lecomte-Beckers.
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Volume 24 (5), 2015, pp. 2025-2041
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (ISI)
2015 Quality and high yield synthesis of Ag nanowires by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method. Manuel Meléndrez, Carlos Medina, Francisco Solis-Pomar, Paulo Flores, Mani Paulraj, Eduardo Pérez-Tijerina.
Nanoscale Research Letters, 2015, pp. 10-48
Nanoscale Research Letters (ISI)
2015 Influence of aramid fibers on the mechanical behavior of a hybrid carbon-aramid-reinforced epoxy composite. Gonzalo Pincheira, Cristian Canales, Carlos Medina, Eduardo Fernandez, Paulo Flores.
Journal of Materials: Design and Applications, 2015
Journal of Materials: Design and Applications (ISI)
2015 FE modeling of the cooling and tempering steps of bimetallic rolling mill rolls. Ingrid Neira Torres, Gaëtan Gilles, Jérôme Tchoufang Tchuindjang, Paulo Flores, Jacqueline Lecomte-Beckers, Anne Marie Habraken.
International Journal of Material Forming, 2015
International Journal of Material Forming (ISI)
2014 The influence of carbon fabric weave on the in-plane shear mechanical performance of epoxy fiber-reinforced laminates. Carlos Medina, Cristian Canales, Carolina Arango, Paulo Flores.
Journal of Composites Materials, Volume 48 (23), 2014, pp. 2871-2878
Journal of Composites Materials (ISI)
2013 The effect of multiwall carbon nanotubes on the in-plane shear behavior of epoxy glass fiber reinforced composites. Carolina Fernández, Carlos Medina, Gonzalo Pincheira, Cristian Canales, Paulo Flores.
Composites: PartB, Volume 55, 2013, pp. 421-425
Composites (ISI)
2012 Study of the geometrical inaccuracy on a SPIF two-slope pyramid by finite element simulations. Carlos Guzmán, Jun Gu, Joost Duflou, Hans Vanhove, Paulo Flores, Anne Marie Habraken.
International Journal of Solids and Structures, Volume 49 (25), 2012, pp. 3594-3604
International Journal of Solids and Structures (ISI)
2010 Accurate stress computation in plane strain tensile tests for sheet metal using experimental data. Paulo Flores, Víctor Tuninetti, Gaëtan Gilles, Pierre Gonry, Laurent Duchêne, Anne Marie Habraken.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 210 (2010) pp. 1772-1779
Journal of Materials Processing Technology (ISI)
2008 Rotation of axes for anisotropic metal in FEM simulations. L. Duchene, T. Lelotte, P. Flores, S. Bouvier, A.-M. Habraken.
International Journal of Plasticity, 2008
International Journal of Plasticity (ISI)
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